55 free Flowers knitting patterns

Free flower knitting patterns. Here you will find plenty of beautiful flower knitting patterns – all free!

Knit some beautiful flowers to decorate your home and to give as gifts, unlike real flowers these will keep for a very long time!

Knitted flowers are great for decorating your home, you can add your diy flowers to hair ties as a beautiful compliment to any girl or ladies hair, you can make them up quickly to adorn presents and greeting cards, the possibilities are endless.

You can knit flowers when you are looking for fun and quick knitting projects.

Knit daisies, poppies, daffodils, sunflowers, roses, tulips and more!

Flower Headband and Necklace Free Knitting Pattern

Flower Headband and Necklace Free Knitting Pattern. Get into the boho spirit with these fantastic flowery headbands and necklaces. These gorgeous embellished accessories from Chrissie Day are bound to bring out the flower child in you – perfect for jazzing up an outfit, they’re quick …