122 free Cowl knitting patterns

Keep your neck warm during the winter months with a stylish knitted cowl. Cowls are usually quick and easy knits making them perfect for quick gift ideas! We offer the best quality free cowl knitting patterns that include easy cowl knitting patterns with straight needles and some you can create with circular needles, we have chunky knit cowl patterns,  colorwork cowl patterns, lace cowl patterns, free cowl knitting patterns with bulky yarn and more!

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Free hat and cowl knitting set
Free hat gloves and cowl knitting set

Free Knitting Pattern for a Spellbinder Cowl

Free Knitting Pattern for a Spellbinder Cowl. Skill Level: Intermediate The Spellbinder Cowl is…well, spellbinding. An easy-to-memorize lace pattern paired with soft, shimmering Alpaculence creates a beautiful, lightweight cowl that can easily be dressed up or down. Free Pattern

Free Knitting Pattern for the Together Cowl

Free Knitting Pattern for the Together Cowl. Skill Level: Intermediate This cowl is knit in the round beginning with a crochet provisional cast on. Each end of the piece is grafted together, creating a seamless cowl. When changing colors, do not break yarn. Instead, carry …