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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2010 – Cerruti by Knitting Bee

Cerruti presented some beautiful mohair sweater knits at Paris fashion week. Just have a look!

A gorgeous elegant blue mohair short sleeve tee style sweater:

A lovely mohair sweater tied at the waist:

A beautiful mohair knitted dress:

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2010 Knits – Chloe by Knitting Bee

Beautiful turtle neck knitted sweater and knitted skirt set from the Chloe Fall/Winter 2010 show.

Amazing Knitted sweater and knitted pants set with an elegant cape:

The Chloe girls backstage showing off the gorgeous knitwear suits:

All three Chloe knit looks coming down the runway:

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2010 Knits – Louis Vuitton by Knitting Bee

Beautiful knitted dress from the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010 show.

Knitted textured top:

Louis Vuitton short sleeve knitted sweater:

Louis Vuitton cabled sweater:

Louis Vuitton beautiful knitted dress:

Prada Fall 2010 Knitted Socks by Knitting Bee

Amazing knitted cable and ribbed socks coming out of Prada this season! These beautiful socks match the ever so dainty and pretty Prada shoes rather well!

Prada Fall 2010 Runway show

Gordana Gelhausen Lace Knitwear by Knitting Bee

Gordana Gelhausen from Project Runway Series 6 turns out to be a knitting genius creating beautiful knitted fashion featured in Vogue Knitting.

What inspired you to start knitting and crocheting?
When I was 7 years old, I was fascinated by what my aunt was doing with a crochet hook. I was too shy to ask for lessons, so I found a hook and some yarn and started playing with it. When I had finished my first project, a sweater, my mom was amazed. “Who taught you?” she asked. “Nobody,” I said: I just watched and then did. After that, the other kids would be outside playing, but I was always busy finding more yarn so I could crochet or knit. I truly believe that we all have our strengths; for me, understanding how to work with thread and yarn and hook and needles came naturally. In a past life, I probably was the seamstress for a queen. [Laughs]

When do you knit?
I knit when I need to take a break, especially when I am working in my shop. When my mind is blocked, I knit, because to me, knitting is therapy. I also knit when I’m hanging out with my family, watching television, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting time. I love knitting so much because it can give you back so many things. And hey—knitting is good for dieting! People ask me how I stay fit and I say, “I knit.” I love everything about knitting, in case you haven’t noticed by now.

Read this interesting interview here: link

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Rodarte by Knitting Bee

The sisters Mulleavey of Rodarte offered their futuristic nomadic heroine a new extra womanly feel this particular season.There was a good deal of florals and layers as well a many knitted garments like scarf combos that looked warm enough for New York City winters, big oversized knit sweaters and sheer lace leggings.

Rodarte: Fall/Winter 2010 New York Fashion Week

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