42 free knitting patterns tagged feather and fan stitch

Feather and Fan Stitch is an easy and gorgeous lace stitch that can be used for scarves, blankets, sweaters and anything else you can dream off.
The basic stitch goes like this:

Using multiples of 18

Row one: Knit.

Row two: Purl.

Row three: Knit two together 3 times, (yarn over, knit one) 6 times, knit two together 3 times. Repeat across the row.

Row four: Knit.

Repeat these four rows for pattern and there you have it!

Following are some wonderful free knitting patterns that contain the Feather and Fan Stitch or a variation of this wonderful stitch pattern.

Nimbus Lace Pattern Sweater Free Knitting

Nimbus Lace Pattern Sweater Free Knitting. Skill Level: Intermediate Knitted sweater with lace pattern. Sizes S – XXXL. Free Knitting Pattern for a Lace Sweater with a feather and fan stitch panel in the front. Free Pattern

Bressay Hap Wrap Free Knitting Pattern

Bressay Hap Wrap Free Knitting Pattern Download. Skill Level: Intermediate This fine knit wrap was designed by Sharon Miller using Fine Lace, a super soft blend of 80% baby suri alpaca and 20% merino wool. Featuring an intricate and delicate lace pattern, this is sure …