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Feather and Fan Stitch is an easy and gorgeous lace stitch that can be used for scarves, blankets, sweaters and anything else you can dream off.
The basic stitch goes like this:

Using multiples of 18

Row one: Knit.

Row two: Purl.

Row three: Knit two together 3 times, (yarn over, knit one) 6 times, knit two together 3 times. Repeat across the row.

Row four: Knit.

Repeat these four rows for pattern and there you have it!

Following are some wonderful free knitting patterns that contain the Feather and Fan Stitch or a variation of this wonderful stitch pattern.

Lillie Baby Cardigan

Adorable little cardi for baby knit pattern with feather and fan stitch created by Laura from Knit for your life. Find the free pattern here: link

Dream Shrug

A lacy mohair shrug with elbow-length sleeves and deep ribbing. The simple ripple pattern makes the most of colour-change yarn. Suitable for novice knitters who want to tackle new skills, this is a great introduction to knitting lace and working in the round. By Suzie …

Juniper Bonnet

6 to 18 months, depending on yarn used and the variability of baby heads. For those who are not familiar with a newborn up close, their heads are very tiny, about 14” around. As shown, this bonnet would be large as a newborn gift, but …