7 free Crochet Cardigan knitting patterns

Drapey Crochet Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Drapey Crochet Cardigan Crochet Pattern. This drapey cardigan is very easy, yet the finished project is very impressive. Crochet it starting at the left front edge, work around the back, and end at the right front. The three-quarter length sleeves and cotton yarn are perfect …

Fashion-Forward Duster

Fashion-Forward Duster. Combine beautiful crochet stitches with wonderful sequin yarn for an extraordinary duster! Make it as a special addition to your wardrobe and dress it up or down to fit the occasion. Pattern

Sparkly Evening Cardigan Crochet Free Pattern

Sparkly Evening Cardigan Crochet Free Pattern from Redheart: Look and feel gorgeous while crocheting and then wearing this shimmery yarn. The ovalshaped sequins are dyed to match the yarn color for a stunning, very wearable look. Pattern