7 free Doily knitting patterns

Plenty of amazing, intricate lace doily free knitting patterns to make!

Knitted doilies are not just stunning ornamental knits, they can be used as a mat to protect surfaces. Knitted doilies are great for preventing scratches on wood and on the back of chairs serving as antimacassars to prevent soiling of the permanent fabric.

Doily designs are usually circular or oval, starting from the middle and extending outward. Doilies are typically made with linen or cotton thread.

Free Knitted Doily Patterns by Style:
Free round knitted doily knitting patterns
Free oval knitted doily knitting patterns
Free flower shaped doily knitting patterns

Valentine Heart Doily Free Knitting Pattern

Valentine Heart Doily. Knit this beauty for Valentine’s Day, but enjoy it any time of the year! The elegant spiral center is surrounded by a border of lacy eyelet hearts and finished with delicate chain scallops at the edge. Free Pattern