The Sunday Market Shawl

Inspired by the drapey loosely woven shawls sold at the local Sunday market, I designed this scarf/shawl to be worn on cool summer nights, or warm fall days. You can use it as a shoulder wrap over a summer dress, or even over a tee shirt. This yarn is soft, and not too warm, with a lovely sheen from the silk.

By Knit Fish.

Find the free pattern here: link

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August 29th, 2012

I started your patternfor thw sunday market shawl. It isn’t coming out looking like the picture. The directions say (as I understand them), first and last row increase and decrease respectively. In between, it is all stockingnet. The pictures look like a knit 2 drop 1 repeat over the entire width. Please clarify. Thank you. I look forward to making this sweet pattern.

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