488 free Cardigans knitting patterns

Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Ladies!

500+ Free cardigan knitting patterns to download! Knitted cardigans are great items to wear all year round, you can knit warmer cardigans in tighter stitches and bulkier yarns for the Winter/Fall months and knit up some light weight, breezy cardigan with eyelets and lace in cotton for the Summer/Spring months.

Free cardian knitting patterns

Why Knit a Cardigan?

Cardigans are more than just garments; they are timeless pieces that offer warmth, versatility, and a canvas for self-expression. There is a unique satisfaction that comes from wearing a handmade garment, you can choose the fit, color and style to suit your tastes.

Can Beginners Knit Cardigans?

Many knitting enthusiasts hesitate to tackle cardigan projects, fearing complexity. However, we’ll debunk this myth and provide guidance for beginners, including tips on choosing easy patterns and practical considerations for a successful cardigan-knitting venture. See this article for more on Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Beginners.

Exploring Different Cardigan Constructions:

Cardigan sweaters can be constructed using various methods, typically falling into two categories: seamless construction and pieced (seamed) construction.

Seamless Cardigans:

These cardigan sweaters are crafted all in one piece, utilizing long circular needles. Often worked “top-down,” this method involves knitting from the collar down to the hem, resulting in a seamless and continuous garment.

Seamed Cardigans:

In contrast, seamed cardigans are assembled from separate knitted pieces. This approach involves knitting distinct sections for the back panel, two front panels, and two sleeves. The final step includes the assembly of these pieces using techniques like the mattress stitch. Typically, seamed cardigans are knitted “bottom-up,” starting from the hem and progressing up to the collar.

500+ Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns

With over 500 free knitted cardigan patterns to choose from, we have divided them into different styles to help you find exactly what you are looking for, just keep scrolling down to see the latest patterns.

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