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Latest Free Knitting Patterns

New knitting patterns are added daily to Knitting Bee! See here for Latest Knitting Patterns. You will find a wealth of amazing patterns you can download for free.

Latest Free Knitting Pattern Roundups

See the latest compilations of free knitting patterns for babies, children, women and men. We aim to add all the best free patterns, at times the project designers will remove some of their patterns which they no longer want to offer for free.

Simply click on the images below to see these amazing free knitting pattern collections.

Free baby knitting patterns, here is an amazing comprehensive set of baby patterns for everything you can think of.

free baby knitting patterns

Most popular knitting patterns on our site is that of the baby cardigan! Below are 50 free patterns to get you started.

Proudly show off your knitting skills with these cabled sock patterns that not only look great but provide a solid challenge to any knitter.

14 + Free Cable Pattern Sock Knitting Patterns

Children’s cardigans are a very popular item to knit. Here are more than a handful of free cardigan knit patterns for kids that you can download now!

12 Free Knitting Patterns for Children's Cardigans

Versatile and great knitting patterns for easy ladies cardigans, download more than 25 free patterns.

25 + Easy Knitting Patterns for Women's Cardigans in 2020 Free

The classic cabled sweaters are a wardrobe staple. Let your creativity thrive with these stylish free patterns.

Cable Knitting Patterns for Ladies

We are constantly adding more and more new knitting patterns that are all free. We love knitting baby clothes and warm cardigans, sweaters and blankets for everyone in the family!

A wealth of free knit patterns that emerged during 2020.

Scarf patterns that were popular and designed in 2020. These free scarf knitting patterns are still available and free to download now.

More absolutely free knitted patterns for cabled women’s sweaters. These unique looks are great for creating one of a kind looks.

Cable Sweater Knitting Patterns Free
14 + Free Tunic Knitting Patterns to Download Now

Easy knitting patterns for ladies sweaters, more than 21 fresh patterns you will love.

21+ Easy Knitting Patterns for Women's Sweaters in 2020 Free

Modern, sleek and comfy patterns to knit for the modern girl! These pieces would make great additions to any wardrobe all year round.

10 Free Modern Women's Knitting Patterns
10+ Free Scarf Knitting Patterns pdf

10 More cable knit sweaters for women, keep warm and toasty in Winter with these textured sweaters.

Women's Cable Knit Sweater Patterns Free

See More Free Knitting Patterns!

Baby Knits

More than 800 + amazing free baby knitting patterns! Keep sweet little babies warm while looking adorable in knitted hats, cardigans, booties and more.
Featured: Baby Sweater Knitting Patterns

50+ Free Knitting Pattern for Baby Cardigans
50+ Free Knitting Pattern for Baby Cardigans
Baby Booties Free Knitting Patterns for 0-3 months
Baby Booties Free Knitting Patterns for 0-3 months
Featured: 25 Free knitting patterns for babies 0-3 months

More Baby Knits:
Baby Cardi Patterns You’ll Love
Cute Baby Knit Cardigans Knitting Patterns www.knitting-bee.com
20 Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns
20 Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns
Knitted squares baby blanket patterns free
Knitted Squares Baby Blanket Patterns
170+ Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns ~ All FREE
120+ Free Baby Hat Knits – including beanies, bonnets, berets and more!
80 + Free Patterns for Baby Booties
180+ Free Baby Cardigan Knitting Patterns

20+ Free Knitting Patterns for Boys Sweaters

20 + Free Knitting Patterns for Boys Sweaters

Knitting Patterns for Kids

NEW – Easy Children’s Knitting Patterns Free
Easy Children's Knitting Patterns Free

See more free childrens knitting patterns.

Knit Hat Patterns

Knitted hat patterns to keep your head warm. Beautiful free patterns that you can make for yourself, family and friends!

Free Headband Knitting Patterns

Free headband Knitting patterns

Featured: 50 Free Easy Hat Knitting Patterns for Winter
free easy hat knit patterns
More Hats:
230+ Free Hat Knitting Patterns

Sock Knitting Patterns

100+ Free Sock Knitting Patterns
Free and Easy Sock Knitting Patterns
Free Quick Knit Sock Pattern www.knitting-bee.com

Knit Cardigans

We have over 230 free women’s cardigan knit patterns to choose from!
Kaye Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern
Women’s Crop Cardigan
Stylish Asymmetric Cardi
Sarasota Textured Top Down Cardigan

Knitting Stitch Library

Free Knitting Stitches at www.knitting-bee.com
Original free knitting stitches created by Knitting Bee!
Knit and Purl Stitches
Cable Knitting Stitches
Lace Knitting Stitches
Rib Knitting Stitches
Bobble Knitting Stitches
Drop Stitch
Slip Stitch Knit Patterns

Latest Free Knitting Stitches

The latest free knitting stitches by Knitting Bee!

Knit and Purl Diamond Free Knitting Stitch Pattern from https://www.knitting-bee.com/knitting-stitch-library/knit-purl-stitches/knit-purl-diamond-free-knitting-stitch-pattern
Chevron Rib Lace Free Knitting Stitch by https://www.knitting-bee.com/knitting-stitch-library/lace-stitches/chevron-rib-lace-free-knitting-stitch

Diamond Flower Free Lace Knitting Stitch
Free Cable Knitting Stitch - Horseshoe Stitch by www.knitting-bee.com
Quilted Stitch - Free Knitting Stitch via www.knitting-bee.com

See more! 200+ Free Knitting Stitches

50 Lace Leaf Knitting Stitches

50 Free Lace Leaf Knitting Stitches https://www.knitting-bee.com

Top 10 Best Patons Knitting Patterns for Women

The Best 10 Free Patons Knitting Patterns for Women

NEW – Over 50+ Free Knitting Patterns for Slippers
Over 50+ Free Knitting Patterns for Slippers

NEW – 70+ Dress Knitting Pattern Downloads for FREE
70 Plus Free Knitting Patterns for Women's Dresses. Free knitting pattern for dresses.

Directory of Free Knitting Patterns

Want more free knitting patterns? See a comprehensive list of the thousands of free knitting patterns we offer in an easy to use index.
knitting pattern free 1000's of patterns

Cardigan Knit Patterns

We have more than 300+ free cardigan knitting patterns for women!
Featured: Aran Cardigan Knitting Patterns
Aran Cardigan Knitting Patterns
More Cardigan Patterns:
Long Cardigan Knitting Patterns
14 Long Cardigan Knitting Patterns You Won't Believe are Free! at https://www.knitting-bee.com/top-free-knitting-patterns/14-long-cardigan-knitting-patterns-wont-believe-free

Scarf Knit Patterns

More than 350 free scarf knitting patterns!

Don’t Miss:
Cable Scarf Knit Patterns
Lace Scarf Knit Patterns
Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns

Bag Knit Patterns

Knitted Bag Patterns for Beginners https://www.knitting-bee.com/top-free-knitting-patterns/knitted-bag-patterns-beginners

Cowl Knit Patterns

Cowls are fun and quick knits, make many for yourself and plenty as gifts for friends and family with these stunning free knitting patterns!
free cowl knitting patterns www.knitting-bee.com
Don’t Miss:
Cabled Cowl Knit Patterns
Lace Cowl Knit Patterns

Aran Knitting Patterns

Check out amazing free Aran knitting patterns!
More than 80+ free Aran knitting patterns www.knitting-bee.com/tag/aran

NEW – Toy Knitting Patterns to Download

More than 20 Free Toy Dog Knitting Patterns to Download Now https://www.knitting-bee.com/free-knitting-patterns/free-knitted-toy-patterns/20-free-toy-dog-knitting-patterns-download-now

Elephant Knitting Patterns at https://www.knitting-bee.com/free-knitting-patterns/free-knitted-toy-patterns/elephant-knitting-patterns
Cat Knitting Pattern

See over 450+ free toy knitting patterns!

Doll Knitting Patterns

12 Doll Knitting Patterns to Love

Heart Knitting Pattern
Heart Knitting Patterns Free

NEW – 14 Free Reversible Blanket Knitting Patterns
14 Free Reversible Blanket Knitting Patterns

Free Lace Knitting Patterns for Beginners
Free Lace Knitting Patterns for Beginners.