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Beautiful free Gothic knitting patterns to create. Lace, skulls, spiderwebs, enticing socks, gloves and mitts. Cool hats and romantic shawls. The possibilities are endless!

Punk Rock Corset Gloves

The perfect accessory for your punk rock lifestyle. I dreamed up these gloves at a concert where the lead singer was wearing regular striped arm-warmers in grey and black. I thought, How cool! But I can do better… They are knit straight with shaping


Muffatees were a part of the Bavarian dress in the 18th Century. They always were black and worked either by cotton, wool, silk or linen. Also typical are the middle pattern and the tooth pattern at the sides. By Gisela Beyer. Find the free

Gothy Gauntlets

This is a simple pattern for long gauntlets. It’s especially nice for self striping sock yarn. Gauntlets have a circumference of 7.5” at elbow and 6” at wrist but are quite stretchy. You can easily go up or down a needle size to make