Fairy-tale Crochet Pillow Patterns

Fairy-tale Crochet Pillow Patterns.

Three Little Pigs Pillow.

Our chubby cheek bad wolf looks like he has the confidence and power to blow down shabbily constructed homes in the pig-ster neighborhood. This is the perfect free crochet pillow pattern to accompany story time with a youngster and young-at-heart oldster.

Three Little Pigs Pillow


Princess and the Pea Pillow.

Crochet a pillow that will be loved by the special little princess in your life! Based on the classic Princess and the Pea fairy tale, it features the princess happily sleeping on piles of mattresses on the front with the story name depicted on the back.

Princess and the Pea Pillow


Red Riding Hood Pillow.

No matter what our age, the story of the girl meeting up with the big bad wolf never loses its appeal. Create this charming depiction of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in crochet to love and enjoy. Back features grandma’s house.

Red Riding Hood Pillow


Goldilocks and the Three Bears Pillow.

Crochet this delightful accent pillow for a child who has enjoyed this classic tale. It captures the climactic moment when Goldilocks is sleeping restfully as the dismayed bear family wonders who is sleeping in the bed. Back of pillow features Baby Bear appliqué.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Pillow


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