Ring ‘O Roses Wreath – Free Crochet Square

Ring ‘O Roses Wreath – Free Crochet Square.

Ring 'O Roses Wreath crochet square

RH 4 ply Color A = Aran, Color B = Country Blue, Color C = Country Rose
Crochet Hook: Size G or size needed for gauge. Size G for edging.

Gauge: Each Square = 6″

Skill level: Easy.

Pattern Stitches
2DC Cluster (2DC CL): (holding back last loop of dc, dc in the st formed by the front loop of dc last worked & parallel loop to the left of it) twice, yo, draw through all 3 loops.
Black Berry Stitch (BB): sl st. Ch 1. insert hook in same st, yo, draw up a loop, ch 3, yo, draw through both loops on hook. Sl st in same st.

W/ Color A ch 4, join w/sl st.
Round 1:
Ch 4, 23 trc in ring. Join w/sl st. FO

Round 2:
Attach Color B between any 2 trc, Ch 7, work beginning 2dc cl by dc twice in 5th ch from hook, holding back last loop, yo draw though all 3 loops *(skip 1 trc, dc in space between next 2 trc, ch4, work 2dc cl,)* around work from * to* join w/sl st in 2nd ch. FO

Round 3:
Join Color C w/ sl st in a dc. Work Black Berry st in same dc. Working behind previous row, ch 3, *work BB, ch 3* around. Join w/sl st in first sl st. FO

Round 4:
W/ color A join in any ch 3 sp to the left of BB, ch 3, 4 dc in same sp, work 5 dc in each ch 3 space around. Join w/ sl st.

Round 5:
Ch 4, work 1trc, *2 dc, 2hdc, 3 sc, 2hdc, 2 dc, 2 trc, ch 2, 2 trc* repeat from * to * around. End ch 2. Join w/ sl st to top of ch 4. FO

Round 6:
With Color B, work 3sc in ch 2 space corners, sc in each st around.
Finish off and weave in all ends.

Designed by Bonnie Pierce © 2000

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