Textured and Seed Stitch Free Knitting Pattern

Textured and Seed Stitch Free Knitting Pattern.

“The bags have a wide shaped base which makes it easy to load items at the check-out, and the lower striped Seed Stitch section ensures that small items will not drop out. The central area features an openwork design which is strong but also flexible enough to accommodate bulky, awkwardly shaped items. An upper handle worked in Seed Stitch with a separately worked hand grip is soft to hold and has extra reinforced stitches at the edges for strength.

An added bonus is that you often will be given a discount for taking your own bags to the supermarket, so not only is this good for the environment but the more you use them the better it is for your purse as well!”

Textured and Seed Stitch Free Knitting Pattern

Free Pattern

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