Plethora of Petals

Flowers are fabulous fun to knit. In a short amount of time, with a small amount of yarn you can have instant gratification.

Beginning knitters can practice their skills; more advanced knitters can enjoy a brief interlude to break up the monotony of a large project. Bring out your oddballs, your leftovers and rejects. Knit, felt and embellish.

What will you do with them? Since I’ve started knitting flowers, I catch myself thinking: “Now that could use a nice flower!” Embellish a knitted hat or bag or blanket, add a few at the ends of a scarf, put one on at collar of your sweater/coat/whatever, knit a dozen to cover a throw pillow. They can be chokers, wristlets, key chains, barrettes, and scrunchies; embellish a collar for your favorite furry friend. No green thumb required. All flowers can be made smaller or larger by using finer or thicker yarn and needles.

by Stephanie Shiman.

Find the free flower knitting pattern here: link

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