The Good, The Guilded and The Goth

Although calla lilies (also known as Arum lilies or Zantedeschia) should be in bloom in much of the world when the Summer issue goes live, these lilies will always be in bloom.

These lilies came about as the result of a mistake made while knitting class samples. The triangle was supposed to lie flat but my misread and misknit resulted in a cone that was oddly reminiscent of a lily. I did a few short rows before binding off and setting the oops aside for later investigation. When I looked at the cone again, I saw a calla lily.

Each is about the size of a mini-calla lily; a popular choice for “clutch” bridal bouquets. Pick a white, gilded or Goth lily to add just a bit of personality to a bouquet or knit up an entire bouquet. They can also act as an interesting bracelet/corsage or hair ornament.

by Heather Broadhurst.

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