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Lampfish Knitted Fish Pattern by Cornelia Funke Official Website!

“Lampfish is one of three patterns I’ve designed for children’s author Cornelia Funke and based on characters in her upcoming book – Lilli and Fin. This book will be released in the US in May, 2017, although it has been available in Germany for some time as Lilli und Flosse.

Lampfish is approximately 10 inches long from his puckered lips to the tip of his tail, and 8 inches across from one side fin to the other. It is worked in the round and mostly in one piece, which means no seaming.

The body (head) of Giant Octopus is about 4 inches wide, and the legs are each approximately 12 inches long. He is worked in the round and all in one piece; the only seaming you’ll need to do is to attach the bottom piece to the top.

Lilli & Fin are really two patterns in one. Although their bodies are the same, their heads are shaped differently (Lilli’s is round and full, while Fin’s is long and thin), and they each sport a unique hair style. The body is worked in the round and in one piece – which means no seaming. The head is begun in the round, then switched to flat to add hair color.”


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