Bousta Beanie Free Knitting Pattern

Bousta Beanie Free Knitting Pattern from Shetland Wool Week designed by Gudrun Johnston.

Skill Level: Intermediate

“I am always impressed by the myriad shades of colour that can be seen in Shetland, the blues of the sea, the mossy greens and browns of the hillside, and the bright pops of wildflowers and heather in the summer. I never tire of walking in this landscape and soaking in the rich palette. I also love to wear a slouchy style hat that can be pulled down to cover my ears when it’s cold and windy outside!
All of these elements played a part in this design. The Bousta Beanie uses three colours combined to great effect within a simple Fair Isle pattern. What with all the colours available in Shetland yarn, the possibilities are endless!”

Bousta Beanie Free Knitting Pattern

Free Pattern

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