Blackhole Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

Blackhole Scarf Free Knitting Pattern.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Diameter of the circle: 32 cm
Length: 140 cm

Cuore by Borgo de’ Pazzi Firenze (100
gr./100 mt, 95% acrylic, 15% mohair)
col 1 – 200 gr. (2 balls).

1 circular 9 mm (US size 13) – 80 cm cable length

“One of the great mysteries of outer space is the Black
Hole: a dark circle surrounded by a luminous vortex, that
is swallowed by its center.
The Black Hole serves as inspiration for this scarf, in
which the center attracts the tail.
Created to be worn on the left side, the tail should pass
behind the neck and squeeze in the hole.
This unisex accessory has a curved and asymmetrical
construction, fitting well on all sizes.
This luminous, multicolored yarn is knitted entirely in
garter stitch.
Being asymmetrical, one side is larger than the other: it
starts from a larger circular shape and grows into a long,
curved tail that wears thin to the other end.
This particular form is obtained by increasing and
decreasing, to fit the shoulders and protect the back of
the head and the throat.
The Blackhole starts from the circular hole, knitting in
the round. After few rows, the hole opens and you go on
knitting in flat, going back and forth, to create the tail.
The tail is knitted in two parts on a provisional cast on.
It requires a single, central stitch seam.”

Blackhole Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

Free Pattern

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