Free Shawl Knitting Patterns

Welcome to the most comprehensive and thoroughly curated collection of free shawl knitting patterns on the internet. Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or a beginner, this article has something for everyone. We’ll explore various shawl shapes, designs, and difficulty levels, ensuring you find the perfect pattern to suit your skills and preferences.

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Which Shawl Patterns are Best for Beginners?

If you’re new to the world of knitting, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a selection of easy and beginner-friendly shawl patterns. These patterns are not only simple to follow but also provide a great opportunity to practice your knitting techniques and build confidence.

Simple Shawl Knitting Patterns

One of the best options for beginners is the classic garter stitch shawl. This pattern involves knitting every row, resulting in a cozy and textured fabric. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to focus on mastering the basics without getting overwhelmed by complex stitches.

Another great option is the seed stitch shawl. This pattern combines knits and purls, creating a beautiful and reversible texture. It’s a step up from the garter stitch but still relatively straightforward, making it an ideal next-level project for beginners.

Knit Shawl FAQs

What is the best shape for a shawl?

The beauty of shawls lies in their versatility. They come in various shapes, each offering a unique look and feel. The most common shapes include:

  1. Triangle Shawls: These classic shawls are often knit from the center out, creating a triangular shape that drapes beautifully over the shoulders.
  2. Rectangular Shawls: Also known as stoles or wraps, these shawls have a more structured shape and can be worn in multiple ways.
  3. Crescent Shawls: Similar to triangle shawls, crescent shawls have a curved edge, adding a touch of elegance and movement.
  4. Circular Shawls: These shawls are knit from the center out, creating a circular or semicircular shape that can be worn as a cozy wrap or poncho.

The best shape for you depends on your personal style and the way you plan to wear your shawl.

free shawl knitting patterns

What size should a knitted shawl be?

The size of a knitted shawl can vary greatly depending on your preferences and the intended use. Generally, shawls range from about 50 inches (127 cm) to 80 inches (203 cm) in wingspan (the measurement from one outer edge to the other when the shawl is stretched out).

For a cozy, everyday shawl, a wingspan of 50-60 inches (127-152 cm) is a good starting point. If you prefer a larger, more dramatic wrap, aim for a wingspan of 70-80 inches (178-203 cm).

How many stitches should I cast on for a shawl?

The number of stitches you need to cast on for a shawl depends on the pattern, the desired size, and the gauge (the number of stitches and rows per inch/cm). Most shawl patterns will provide a recommended cast-on number based on the specific yarn and needle size used.

However, if you want to adjust the size or use a different yarn, you can use the following general guidelines:

  • For a small shawl (50-60 inches wingspan), cast on around 180-240 stitches.
  • For a medium shawl (60-70 inches wingspan), cast on around 240-300 stitches.
  • For a large shawl (70-80 inches wingspan), cast on around 300-360 stitches.

Remember, these are just rough estimates, and it’s always best to follow the pattern instructions or use a gauge swatch to determine the exact cast-on number for your desired size.

Can you knit a shawl on straight needles?

Absolutely! While circular needles are often preferred for shawl knitting, as they can accommodate the increasing number of stitches, straight needles can also be used effectively. In fact, many traditional shawl patterns were designed to be knit on straight needles.

When knitting a shawl on straight needles, you’ll need to be mindful of the number of stitches you can comfortably fit on the needle. If the shawl becomes too wide, you can use a longer needle or divide the stitches onto multiple needles.

Free Shawl Knitting Patterns

Now, let’s dive into some of the best free shawl knitting patterns available on the internet.

Shawl Knitting Patterns for Beginners

If you’re new to knitting or looking for a simple project to build your skills, we’ve got a range of beginner-friendly shawl knitting patterns that are perfect for you.

Rubic – Chunky Oversized Shawl

Oversized and delightfully warm, Rubic is made with our super bulky yarn. The simple knit and purl texture pops in the larger gauge and an applied i-cord creates a sophisticated finish. Free beginner pattern is here.

free knitting pattern for a bulky yarn shawl

Seriously Chunky and Easy Triangular Shawl

A great beginner shawl knitting project, download this free pdf here.

Seriously Chunky and Easy Triangular Shawl free knitting pattern

Easy Shawl Knitting Patterns Free

Simple Shawl Knitting Patterns Free: For those looking for simple and straightforward patterns, we’ve curated a selection of easy knit shawls that are perfect for beginners or those seeking a relaxing knitting project.

Hugs & Prayers Knit Shawl

Easy feather and fan lace prayer shawl pattern in a rectangular shape. Find the free easy shawl lace pattern here.

Hugs & Prayers Knit Shawl free knitting pattern

Gradiente Triangle Shawl

Achieve an elevated wardrobe look with the Gradiente Triangle Shawl. Crafted with a simple structure holding together three strands of our laceweight yarn, Marina, this luxurious shawl features a gradient color change and an airy triangle silhouette.  Find this free pattern here.

easy shawl kniting pattern free

Saturn Shawl

The shape is an asymmetrical triangle worked from one long point to the opposite short side, all in trusty garter stitch. Get this free pdf download for a garter stitch shawl pattern here.

free knitting pattern for an asymmetrical garter stitch shawl

Sensible Shawl

This shawl grew out of a desire for a warm, comfortable shawl that was wide enough to cross the body and tie in back, leaving the hands free to knit, work in the garden, and around the house. The Van
Dyke border is adapted from The Knitter’s Companion series written by Mrs. Mee and Ms. Austin throughout the 1800s. I updated it to be knitted on and shaped with the shawl—a pretty and practical edging. Using a warm single-ply yarn, the shawl is rustic and lovely—the perfect balance of beauty and function. Find this free knitting pattern here.

free shawl knitting pattern

Gentle Slopes

An unexpected combination of stripes and short rows gives the shawl an asymmetric triangular shape. Find this free shawl knitting pattern here.

asymmetric triangular free shawl knitting pattern

Lace Shawl Knitting Patterns

For those seeking a touch of elegance and sophistication, lace shawl knitting patterns are a must-try. These patterns incorporate intricate stitches and delicate openwork, resulting in a lightweight and airy fabric that drapes beautifully.

Flower and Chevron Shawl

Cute triangle shawl in two colors with chevron and flower lace motifs. Find this free pattern here.

Flower and chevron shawl free knitting pattern

Ocaso Shawl

A beautiful long shawl in a lace pattern. This pattern is great for the experienced knitter. Find this free pattern here.

free knitting pattern for a long lace shawl

LYS Day Shawl

A cotton lace shawl pattern that is perfect for an advanced knitter with an all over lace and lace edging. Find this free shawl knitting pattern pdf download here.

LYS Day Shawls free knitting pattern

Myrtle Shawl

The Myrtle shawl’s sweet botanical details channel the excitement of new growth arriving in spring. Its cascading florals and texture work up delightfully in Berroco Remix, plus its oversized shape gives you warmth where you need it. Scarf is worked flat with dropped stitch loop fringe. Find this free knitting pattern here.

free lace leaf rectangular shawl knitting pattern

Compass Rose Shawl to Knit

The exact origin of the compass rose is unknown. Ancient Greeks developed an 8-point system using
the four cardinal directions and the four winds. A 12-point system was taught in the academies of Europe
during the medieval era, but mariners created their own 8-point compass. A full compass rose contains 32
points, and mariners were expected to recite the names, also known as “boxing the compass.” Cartographers began adding the rose to maps to mark direction in the 1300s, and the 8-point is the most often seen.

This is the basis for the design of this shawl and the most recognized depiction. I find the compass rose to be an elegant design and representative of finding one’s own path. This piece is knitted in the round from the center out with a knitted-on wave edging. Find this free pdf pattern download here.

Free rose shawl knitting pattern

Rocky Mountain Spring Shawl

A beautiful triangle shaped lace shawl in 2 colored with different lace motifs to keep you interested. This free pattern is here.

Rocky Mountain Spring Shawl free knit pattern

Blue Belle Shawls

Knit this gorgeous triangle shaped lace shawl, this pattern is perfect for the experienced knitter. Find this free pattern here.

bluebells shawl free knitting pattern in lace

Scarlet Sampler Shawl

A small triangle lace shawl. The perfect lace sampler in a wearable shawl. Free pattern can be found to download here.

Scarlet Sampler Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

Dover Shawl

Wrap yourself in delightful warmth in our all-over texture shawl, Dover. Worked from the bottom up, it’s a perfect layering piece for fall. This free triangle lace shawl knitting pattern is here.

free triangle lace shawl knitting pattern

Theodora Shawl

A triangle shaped lace shawl to knit with fingering weight yarn. Find this free pattern here.

free lace shawl knitting pattern

An Orenburg Warm Shawl to Knit

orenburg elements: diagonals (kosoryadki in russian), peas (gorokh), and honeycomb (sotki). in the second segment in the connection between the border and the body of the shawl, i used diagonals and peas. on the center section of the body, i used diagonals with a single pea element in the center. Get this free pattern pdf here.

free shawl knitting pattern lace

Julian Shawl

A triangle shawl knitting pattern with lace edge. This pretty free shawl pattern is here.

triangle shawl knitting pattern with lace edge

Sentimental Mood Shawl

A wonderful lace crescent shaped shawl. Various different lace stitches keeps this shawl fun and challenging. Find the free pattern here.

Sentimental Mood Shawl


Keely is a simple triangle shawl with a vintage lace edging. This free lace triangle shawl pattern is a beautiful and timeless design that’s perfect for those who want to try their hand at lace knitting. The pattern includes detailed instructions and charts, making it accessible for knitters of all skill levels. Made with Ultra Alpaca from Berocco it is soft, warm and perfect for the winter chill. Find the free pattern here.

free shawl knitting pattern with vintage lace edging

Tussah Kissed Shawl

A beautiful two color lace shawl pattern by Plymouth Yarns for free here.

free lace shawl knit pattern Tussah Kissed

Sullivan Shawl

Texture and openwork stitches work together to create a lush and elegant shawl. The shawl is worked flat from side to side using short rows to create a crescent shape. This free pattern is here.

Free knitting pattern for a crescent shape lace edge shawl

Asymmetrical Lace Shawl

An asymmetrical diagonal lace shawl knit pattern for free. Find the free pattern here.

Asymmetrical Lace Shawl free knitting pattern

Love of Lace Shawl

A gorgeous rectangular shaped lace shawl pattern with a chevron lace pattern, eyelet lace patterns and old shale pattern. This shawl pattern pdf download is here.

Love of Lace Shawl free knitting pattern

Sarasota Lacy Shawl

Lace shawl in crescent shape with a defining lace panel down the center. Free pattern here.

lace shawl in crescent shape free knitting pattern

Novita Lace Shawl

The shawl is knitted starting from the neck, in the middle of the long edge. On each RS row increases are worked at both ends and in the middle, with 4 stitches increased each time. This free pdf download is here.

Novita Lace Shawl free knitting pattern

Cable Shawl Knitting Patterns

For those who love texture and depth, cable shawl knitting patterns are a fantastic choice. These patterns incorporate twisted stitches that create raised cables, adding visual interest and warmth to your shawl.


A stunning triangle shawl pattern with cabled knots. This free pattern is here.

free cable knot shawl pattern

Aran Cabled Shawl

The Aran cabled shawl is a timeless design that draws inspiration from traditional Irish cabling patterns. This shawl is perfect for those who want to showcase their cable knitting skills and create a cozy and stylish accessory.

Braided Cable Shawl

The braided cable shawl takes cable knitting to the next level by incorporating intricate braided cables into its design. This pattern is a bit more challenging but the result is a stunning and unique shawl that’s sure to turn heads.

Slip Stitch Shawl Knitting Patterns

Create this slip-stitch shawl rich in jewel tones. A slight variation on typical top-down shaping produces a triangle shallower and wider – a new shape to try out! Get this free knitting pattern here.

free slip stitch shawl knitting pattern

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or just starting your journey, this comprehensive collection of free shawl knitting patterns has something for everyone. From simple and beginner-friendly designs to intricate lace and cable patterns, you’re sure to find a project that inspires and challenges you. So grab your needles and yarn, and get ready to create your own stunning shawl masterpiece!

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