Free Pencil Skirt Knitting Patterns

Four free pencil skirt knitting patterns for you to enjoy! The pencil skirt is a figure hugging straight and narrow skirt that looks fantastic on all body types and creates a very appealing figure!

Free Pencil Skirt Knitting Patterns

Perfect Pencil Skirt
Classic pencil skirt to knit with an easy pattern.
Pencil Skirt Knitting Patterns

Intolerable Cruelty
The knitted fabric drapes closely over the figure, enhancing the style of this coy little skirt.
Free Pencil Skirt Knitting Pattern

Skirt of Many Colors
Versatile skirt completes many ensembles.
Free Skirt Knitting Pattern

Don’t Be Biased Skirt
Tight pencil skirt knitting pattern with a bias stitch.
Pencil Skirt Knitting Patterns free

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