14 + Free Cable Pattern Sock Knitting Patterns

14 + Free Cable Pattern Sock Knitting Patterns. Stunning and free knitting patterns to knit socks with cabled patterns!

14 + Free Cable Pattern Sock Knitting Patterns

Cable patterned socks. You love cable-knit socks and a knitworthy person with socks sizes 40-43 (10,4-10,8 in)? Well, looks like we’ve got something for you:: a beautiful pattern for socks that look fantastic, with cables that stay flat on the instep and – experienced knitters have probably noticed this already – with a small cable that runs along the sides and ends in the band tip.

Free Cable Pattern Sock Knitting Patterns
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With these stunning cabled sock pattern ribbing and seed stitch are combined in the cuff; then, small braids alternate with the popular knit and purl pattern over the leg and instep. Feel free to repeat the ribbing and seed stitch for the heel flap and classic wedge toe.

Free Cable and Rib Pattern Sock Knitting Patterns
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These stockings were inspired by an hourglass-like cable in Vogue Stitchionary Vol. 2, and are similarly named: “clessidra” means hourglass in Italian. They were also fashioned after a lovely pair of leather boots that lace up the back, spotted in a Boston shop window this winter. When the crocuses start to bloom, leave the boots at home — but don’t forget your stockings!

Free knitting pattern for cabled knee high socks
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These socks are part of a capsule wardrobe designed by Sari Nordlund, comprising nine designs perfectly compatible with each other. Socks have a French heel. Free knitting pattern for cable socks with a french heel.

Free knitting pattern for cable socks with a french heel
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Bolt Socks are ribbed with an easy central cable and twisted stitch accents. This pattern comes in only one size.

Central Cable sock knitting pattern
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Knit these super-warm socks in the natural tweed look of Caron Simply Soft Tweeds. Knit these socks for the whole family!

Free knitting pattern for socks with cables
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Gorgeous socks with a three-dimensional cable texture. So beautiful that you don’t want to hide your finished socks in shoes.
We worked the pattern on the instep as well as on the leg. If you are sensitive to pressure, leave all cables out when knitting the instep but keep knitting those stripes in moss stitch.

Free knitting pattern for socks with cable pattern
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The long woollen socks featuring strong heel with beautiful cable and rope knit pattern.

knee length free sock knit pattern with cables
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These socks with cable pattern are not just a feast for the eyes, because of the knitted yarn REGIA PREMIUM Bamboo they are also a real treat for your feet! Thanks to its bamboo part, REGIA Premium Bamboo is particularly soft with an elegant shimmer and its breathability ensures optimum wearing comfort. By the way, the beautiful pair of socks is knitted with boomerang heel and band lace.

Free cable pattern knit sock pattern
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Cabled socks. Inspired by a stitch pattern I found in a book of Austrian Twisted stitch patterns, whose name translates to “Witch’s Legs”, I created a sock that might be appropriate for Hallowe’en. Or just for autumn. To keep the knitting interesting, the two socks are subtly different – the left sock has right-leaning central cables, the right sock has left-leaning central cables, and the pattern is slightly offset on the leg.

Free knitting pattern for lattic cable socks
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Cables are all about literally moving stitches around, and I wanted to move those literally minded cables in a more subtle way. The cables in these socks smoothly move from point A to point B without disturbing a hair on their delicate little heads.

Free knit pattern for a cabled sock
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The cable appears as one panel surrounded by stockinette stitches. This allows the stockinette to provide the much-needed negative ease. Additionally, the cable gets split in half at the instep, so the sock isn’t too bulky when worn inside of shoes. The cables are mirrored, just to keep things interesting.

Free knitting pattern for cabled socks
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Here we have an easy cable knit sock pattern that is great for everyone in the family! Take a look at this free easy cable socks pattern with a large diamond central cable.

easy cable knit sock pattern
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Secret garden cable socks free knitting pattern!

cable socks free knitting pattern
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Celtic cable knee socks free pattern. Pretty socks offer a small challenge compared to knitting basic socks.

Celtic cable knee socks free pattern
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Please Note: All of these patterns were available and free on the date of publication of this post. It is not unusual for this to change down the track, for designers to remove their free patterns, for websites to close down where these free patterns are offered and so on. If for whatever reason the pattern you like is no longer available please leave a note in the comments and we will do our best to locate it again.

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