Since we all need to buy yarn and other supplies quite often, I’ve decided to collect a few good deals that I’ve found. I’m adding them as I find them so check back every week or so.

Hancock Fabrics

  • Yarns on sale at Hancock Fabrics – from what I can tell it’s roughly 30% off everything at the moment
  • Also, they have a list of coupons here. You can add these to the Shopping Cart if you buy something. At the moment there’s $5 off for purchases of $50+.



  • Check back soon!


  • Did you know you can display only the discounted items when browsing on Amazon? Here’s a link to all the discounted yarn currently on Amazon.
  • So this is not strictly related to Knitting, but it is a way to have more money to buy more things! What is it? Now, I know a lot of us here have lots of old books and other items lying around. Well, Amazon now has a Trade-in program so you can send them your old stuff in exchange for an Amazon Gift Card. Shipping is free.For example, here are the Knitting books people have sent in for Trade. So you could essentially send in the books you no longer use, and then buy anything from Amazon, including those other knitting books people have just traded in. Think of it as a knitting book swap.