4 free knitting patterns tagged coffee cozy

Free Knitting Pattern for Cabled Cozies

Free Knitting Pattern for Cabled Cozies. Skill Level: Intermediate These sweet cabled cozies will bring a smile to any knitter’s face. The Cup Cozies are perfect for adding a decorative touch to your hot drinks, while the French Press Cozy will keep your coffee and …

Lacy Knit Cup Cozy Free Pattern

Lacy Knit Cup Cozy Free Pattern Cassandra Bibler. Skill Level: Easy These cup cozies are a great way to practice your lace skills and make gifts at the same time! Use your favorite color, they’ll look great no matter what you choose. Free Pattern

POISON! Coffee Cozy

What better way to keep other people’s paws off your caffeine than to imply toxicity? This quick little project is great for using up scraps of wool left over from other projects. Plus, it keeps your coffee warm afterward. by Carissa Knits. Find the free …