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Over 100+ free lace scarf knitting patterns for you to knit! Knitting lace is deeply rewarding as any knitter can attest to, you can create something intricate, ornate and beautiful with your very own two hands.

Below you will find over 100 free lace scarf knitting patterns including patterns using fingering weight yarn, DK yarn, kidsilk, mohair and more. There are patterns for every level knitter from repetitive easy to learn lace stitches to intermediate scarf patterns to quite complex free lace scarf knitting patterns that will really challenge your knitting skills.

Free lacy scarf knitting patterns with chevron lace, checkerboard lace, diamond lace, diagonal striped lace, leaf lace patterns and more, never experience knitters block again!

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Free Lace Knitting Patterns for Scarves

Free lace knitting patterns for scarves, brand new designs you will absolutely love, download for free right now! Rose Leaf Lace Scarf Knit a stunning lace scarf with intricate looking lace and a wonderful mix of patterns, just the right amount of challenge for the …