Free Heart Knitting Patterns

Free heart knitting patterns! If you are looking for a heart knitting pattern then look no further, here we have the most extensive collection of free heart knitting patterns you will every find!

Heart Knitting Patterns Free

Free Knitting Patterns for Hearts

Spread the love with these amazing free patterns to knit heart shaped themes. These heart shaped patterns make perfect home decor items as well as Christmas tree decorations and Valentine knitting pattern gifts.

Heart Knitting Pattern
Make someone smile with this simple knitting pattern to make these adorable knitted hearts. Stuff them with lavender, trim them with flowers, or just keep them simple.
Heart Knitting Pattern

Two Knit Hearts
Two heart knitting patterns included, one is knit from the top and the other from the bottom, but they are essentially the same. You can felt these too and they look great. Designed by Pilgrim Purse.
Heart Knitting Patterns

Holiday Heart Ornament
These clever heart designs are perfect to make and give to those we love!
Heart Knitting Patterns Free

Anne Heart Sachet
A perfect heart sachet to knit! This is a great pattern for anyone wanting to know how to knit a heart pillow.
free heart knitting pattern

Easy Little Heart Decorations
Knit this quick and simple hearts, great decorations for a multitude of things.
free heart knitting decoration patterns

Knitted Heart Heart Garland
Hearts on a string,stunning heart themed knitted garland to create. Designed by eweewe!
heart garland free knitting pattern

True Love Trivet Heat with Cables
Knit cords are woven together in a heart shape to create this fun and functional trivet. This is the heart shaped cable knitting pattern loved by many knitters!
heart knitting pattern free

Little Knit Hearts
All hearts come home for the holidays when you decorate with these darling little knit hearts. Use them on the tree, on gift packages and all through the house.
heart Christmas ornament free knitting pattern

Knitted Felted Valentine Heart Box
Great heart to knit and felt and for keepsakes! Designed by Anita M. Wheeless.
Knitted Felted Valentine Heart Box Free Pattern

Pillow Talk
Knit a heart pillow or two in Valentine colors and a soft graphic element to your surroundings. Red and pinks not your style? Who said a heart had to be red? Another heart pillow how to!
Heart Knitting Pattern Free Pillow

Heart Cushion
Heart-shaped homewares aren’t just for Valentine’s day, they make for a great decorative element in the home. The construction is a little unusual though so read the Knit wise panel before you begin.
heart cushion free knitting pattern

This cute 3D heart to knit from iKnits comes with a video tutorial.
3D Heart Free Knitting Pattern

This collection include knitting patterns for actual hearts, click here if you are looking for heart themed knits or for heart knitting stitches.

Great Heart Knitting Pattern Video Tutorials

How to Knit a Fast Heart

Knitted hearts can be stitched on to sweaters, hats, scarves, made into brooches, cards Рyou can do so much with this sweet little appliqu̩ motif!

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