10 Awesome Heart Knitting Stitches

I was exploring what else was out there in terms of heart themed knitting stitches and thought I would showcase some of the best free heart knitting stitches around the web! Click on the name of the item to head to the pattern.

I will start with some that I did, Firstly Textured Heart:

Heart knitting stitch by https://www.knitting-bee.com/

and Lace Heart Motif:

Lace Heart by https://www.knitting-bee.com/

Valentine Heart Cloth designed by Tricia Walter.


Lattice Hearts designed by Rachel van Schie.

Knit a beautiful heart motif from Lily Sugar ‘n Cream: Heart Dishcloth

heart knitting dishcloth

Comfort Pillow with colorwork hearts by Bernat.


Heart Lace Cloth by Smariek Knits.


The next 4 heart motif knitting stitches used in Dishcloths are designed by Susan Mrenna.

Sweethearts, Version 1

heart dishcloth free knitting pattern

Sweethearts 2

Sweethearts 2

Sweethearts 3

Sweethearts 3


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