Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings

Knitting patterns Christmas puddings, yum yum! Christmas pudding is delicious and quickly disappears, but this Christmas/holiday season you can make the magic last by decorating your home with these lovely little knitted Christmas puddings!

Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings

14 free patterns for knitted Christmas puddings!

Tiny Christmas pudding
Super cute mini little Christmas pudding knitting pattern, completely free and totally adorable by Apple Tree Crafts! Size: 4cm or 1-1/2 inches tall
Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings

Mini Christmas pudding
Cute mini Christmas pudding knitting pattern by Claire Garland. A quick little pattern to get you in the mood – these mini Christmas puds (about 4cm in diameter) are plum perfect as decorations to hang on your tree or little gifts to tie onto presents or little advent gifts!
Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings

Cute Mini Christmas Pudding
Designed by Marianna’s lazy daisy days. Ultra cute mini puddings, love this free pattern!
Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings

Knitted Decoration: Plum Pudding
This is simple plum pudding pattern for Christmas that is a great hit with decorations.
Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings, a great little pattern from Craftbits.
Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings

Knitted Holly
Very cute little holly leaves to knit to place atop your Christmas pudding! Designed by Little Cotton Rabbits.
free knitted holly pattern for Christmas

Knitted Christmas Pudding for Free
Amazing little knitting pattern for a Christmas pudding featured on facebook in the comments section!
Knitted Christmas Pudding for Free

Christmas Pudding Dishcloth
Enjoy the perfect Christmas pudding… in dishcloth form!
Christmas Pudding dishcloth knitting pattern

Juggling Christmas Puddings
Once knitted up, these puddings are great fun as juggling balls, or simply as sweet little festive decorations to brighten up your Christmas display.
Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings

Christmas Pudding Hat
Christmas Pudding Hat, cute little hat to make designed by Jo’s Big Knit.

Christmas Pud Hat Knitting Pattern
Another ultra adorable Christmas pudding hat pattern, this one designed by Oliver Boliver.

Free Christmas pudding knitting pattern ornament
Cute hanging Christmas pudding ornament pattern.
free Christmas pudding knitting pattern oranment

Xmas Pudding
Little Mini Puddings to knit for free!
free mini Christmas pudding knitting pattern

Christmas Knitting Pattern Pudding
Make many of these amazing puddings for Xmas with this excellent free knitting pattern.
Christmas Knitting Pattern Pudding

Christmas Pudding Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cover
Knit up a cute Ferrero Rocher pudding cover.
free Xmas pudding knit pattern

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