198 free Baby Blankets knitting patterns

Welcome! You have arrived at the Mecca of free baby knitting patterns, with more than 200+ free baby blanket knitting patterns to choose from!

I find baby knit blankets fun to knit because it allows me to play with colors and textures while creating a basic form (usually a square or a circle).

You can try out new and imaginative things for the new baby in your life who will come into this world and enjoy and treasure the hand made knitted blanket for years and years to come.

Go here for: Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns (Perfect free knitting pattern for knitting beginners)

More Free Knitting Patterns for Blankets

Browse through the hundreds of free baby knit blanket patterns at your leisure, there are patterns for every level of knitting, from beginner to experienced. There are colorwork blankets, cabled blankets, lace, knit & purl textures and everything in between.

You can adapt adult afghan patterns with the right yarn and colors to convert it into a blanket that is suitable for a baby. This opens up another avenue of hundreds and even thousands of more free knit patterns. See more blanket knitting patterns for adult throws and afghans here: Free Blanket Knitting Patterns

Knitting Patterns – Blankets for Babies Categories

I have separated hundreds of different knitting patterns for babies soft and cuddly blankets into categories that make that next project easy to find. From super easy baby patterns to lacy blankets, Aran and cabled blankets, square blankets, round blankets, striped, textured and more!

Free knitting patterns for baby shawls and blankets:
Lace blanket knitting patterns
Free cable stitch baby knit blanket patterns
Free garter baby blanket
Free basketweave blanket knitting patterns
Free fair isle baby knit blanket patterns
Free hooded baby blankie knitting patterns
Free ribbed baby blanket knitting patterns
Free ripple stitch blanket knitting patterns
Free round blanket knit patterns for baby
Free square blanket knit baby patterns
Free textured knit blanket patterns for baby

Easy Baby Blankets to Knit

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