Easy Baby Blankets to Knit

Easy Baby Blankets to Knit – I love knitting baby blankets, they are my go to when I feel stuck for what project to make next, or am looking to do something with my hands, to create a something while I watch my favorite show, something mindless that doesn’t require too much attention and stitch counts.

Easy Baby Blankets to Knit

Baby blankets are a great starting point for the beginner knitter, you can add interest by making stripes of different colors, you can play around with different variations of knit and purl to create an endless variation of patterns and textures.

Garter Stitch Baby Blankets

When you first learn how to knit, the garter stitch is the very first stitch you will learn. Rows and rows of knit stitches strung together to form a wonderful textured fabric. Get this free pattern from Bernat here.

Easy garter baby blanket pattern free

Another free garter baby blanket knitting pattern that you can download now is this one that incorporates garter stitch stripes of different soft pastel colors with an added garter stitch border all around. Get this free pattern here.

Easy Baby Blankets to Knit

Browse more of our free garter baby blanket patterns.

Knit and Purl Baby Blanket Patterns

Once you learn the how to purl as well as how to knit, a whole new world of possibilities open up to you. You can now knit endless patterns and textures.

Try this stunning purls and triangle baby blanket with simple  knit-purl patterning creates a fabric featuring alternating triangles in this reversible blanket. Get this free pattern here.

Knit and Purl Baby Blanket Patterns

You can knit almost anything with the knit and purl stitch, try this wonderful stockinette stitch baby afghan with a seed stitch border. Use a variegated or self striping yarn as a feature! This pattern comes in small, medium and large so you can choose to make them for strollers, cots or bassinettes. Download this pattern here.

easy knit blanket for baby

This easy blanket features diagonal garter stitch stripes, knit in cotton for a summer baby! Free pattern here.

diagonal garter stitch baby blanket pattern

Beyond Knit and Purl (Easy)

Eyelets, slip stitch and more! In this blanket colors flow from stripe to stripe in this ombré mosaic stitch blanket. Made in crib size for perfect snuggle. Free Pattern.

free mosaic stitch baby blanket knit pattern

Try your hand at lace knitting with this easy diamond eyelet blanket for baby. Free Pattern.

eyelet baby blnaket knit pattern easy

I love ripple stich baby blankets! They look harder to knit than they really are, this one is an easy to remember four row repeat. This blanket is aptly named rainbow. Free Pattern.

rainbow ripple baby blanket free knitting pattern

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