Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns – New Designs for 2023/ 2024

One of the primary reasons for knitting scarves is to provide warmth and comfort during chilly seasons. The natural insulation properties of knitted fibers create a cozy cocoon against the cold, making scarves essential companions during frosty days. We have put together all the newest free scarf knitting patterns in the one place giving you easy access to all the new designs.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

Scarf Knitting Aesthetic – Free Scarf Knitting Patterns for Women

Knitted scarves are not just accessories; they’re statements of style, warmth, and creativity. Crafted with care and skill, these versatile pieces are not only functional but also expressions of personal taste and artistic flair.

This fun multi-directional scarf that takes full advantage of all of the joyful and bright colors in Wizard yarn from Berocco. The bold stripes of color create geometric shapes for a stunning finished scarf perfect for cool weather. Finished measurement: Approximately 8½” / 21.5 cm wide x 68″ / 172.5 cm long. Get this free pattern here.

Scarf Knitting Aesthetic free knitting pattern

Using just one skein each of two contrasting colors of Maxima, the Sawtooth Scarf is a fun project to dip your toes into intarsia! This free pattern walks you through increasing and decreasing in garter while working in two colors to end up with a vibrant zig-zaggin’ scarf! Your leftover yarn is used to make fringe for the ends – notice that this is two color as well. Finished measurements: 7” wide x 68” long (excluding fringe). Find this pattern here.

free knitting pattern for a garter zig zag scarf

The Flora Scarf uses a classic zigzag pattern in two ways: one half shows wide stripes of mini-skein colors accented with narrow ridges of Malachite, while the other features single ridges of accent colors against a solid field of Malachite. The scarf is knit continuously from one end to the other. Finished measurements: Approx. 9½” wide x 72” long. Free pattern is here.

free knitting pattern for a ripple scarf 2023

Free knitting pattern for a cabled scarf, his wide scarf showcases a beautiful cable pattern with a diamond motif. Finished measurements: Width approx. 54 cm / 21 in; length 190 cm / 75 in. This pattern is here.

Free knitting pattern for a cabled scarf

Scarves are a perfect knitting ‘playground’ to try out new stitch patterns and techniques like lace. These ethereal looking stitches make for beautiful and lightweight three-season accessories you can pair with anything. Finished measurement: Length (excluding Fringe): 60 (80)”, Width: 9½ (9½). Find the free knitting pattern here.

free knitting pattern for a lace scarf

Accessories with options for wearing are perfect for chilly months. The Concord Scarf is scrunch-able enough to be a scarf, yet wide enough to be a wrap, so wear it however you want! A rhythmic lace pattern makes this a relaxing knit, perfect to work on in the evenings. Finished measurements: Width: 20”, Length: 67½”. This pattern is here.

free knit pattern for a two color lace scarf

This scarf is worked with different colors of Tuscany Tweed in a striped pattern with deeper stitches. So that you don’t have to sew so many threads at the end, the threads are passed up the right working edge loosely and without tension when changing colors. At the end, crochet around each of the long side edges, enclosing the pulled-up threads and thus neatening them. The finished scarf measures approx. 25 x 185 cm without fringes. Free pattern is here.

free knitting pattern for a colorwork scarf

An instant classic, make an impression with this oversized faux-plaid scarf. This intermediate skilled pattern uses your colorwork skills to create a stylish scarf. Finished measurements: Approximately 24” / 60 cm wide x 80” / 203 cm long (not including fringe). Get this free knit pattern here.

Free knitting pattern for a plaid scarf

The attractive stitch pattern is engaging and perfect for the knitter looking to amplify their skillset. The scarf is trimmed with tidy ribbing on each end that flows into the lace pattern. Each side features a ribbed border, too. Finished Measurements: Width: 14”, Length: 71”. Get the pattern here.

lace scarf knitting pattern

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns

Melville is a fun scarf knitting pattern made with four shades of yarn. Alternating-width stripes and a textured stitch pattern create a long scarf that is enjoyable to knit and just as nice to wear. This unisex scarf pattern is easily customizable! Finished Measurements: 11″ wide x 73″ long. Get this pattern here.

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns unisex

Super easy seeded stripes scarf for women with a ribbed stitch edge. Finished measurements: Width: 9½” Length: 66”. Find this pattern here.

easy seeded stripes scarf free knitting pattern

An easy four-row stitch pattern makes up the bulk of this long, lightweight scarf, with deep ribbing worked at the edges to keep them from rolling. Finished measurements: Approximately 10½” wide x 80″ long. Free scarf knit pattern is here.

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns 4 row repeat

Scarves are one of the many sweet treats of knitting. They work up quickly, make excellent gifts, and their size lends well to trying out lots of stitch patterns and techniques. Knit as a tube, there’s no right or wrong side, and the double thickness makes this sweet accessory even more delectable! Finished measurement: Circumference: 13”, Length: 79”. Get the free pattern here.

easy scarf knitting pattern with stripes

An easy textured stitch pairs with a tweedy yarn for a classic scarf knitting pattern edged with fringe. Finished measurements: Approximately 14″ wide x 66″ long (not including fringe). This free pattern can be found here.

Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns with fringe

Easy diamond textured scarf to knit, create in a solid color and let the pattern shine through. Free pattern is here.

Easy diamond textured scarf free knitting pattern

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Knitting a scarf is often one of the first projects for beginners. It’s a fantastic way to learn basic knitting techniques like casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off. As you gain confidence, you can explore more advanced stitches and patterns.

For beginners in knitting, a simple scarf is a great project. So that the scarf does not curl up at the long edges, it is knitted in seed stitch. When you have reached the length of 190 cm, you are definitely skilled in knits and purls and also have a wonderfully soft and warming scarf. Find this free pattern here.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns for Beginners

A starter unisex scarf, fun and quick to knit. Start off your knit journey with this super cozy knit scarf that will impress your friends! Stitched in wonderful Bernat Forever Fleece, the pattern works up quickly with a brushed, fluffy texture. Learn knit, purl, and slip one purl-wise to create both garter and stocking stitch textures. Try it in either of the designer’s colorways or invent a version to suit your style. Free pattern is here.

free knitting pattern for a beginner scarf 2023

Free Scarf Knit Patterns for Men

Knitted scarves for men come in a range of designs, from classic to contemporary. These scarves often feature simple and clean lines, neutral colors, and textured stitch patterns that align with a more masculine aesthetic.

The hooded cable scarf is knitted in one piece from end to end using Novita 7 Veljestä. Keep the man in your life cozy with this gorgeous garment. Finished measurements: Length from end of scarf to top of hood approx. 118 cm / 46½ in; hood width approx. 30 cm / 12 in. Free patter is here.

Free Scarf Knit Patterns for Men with hood

Versatile accessories are wonderful additions to your daily wardrobe. Jamie is a knit scarf that is wide enough to also be easily styled as a wrap. Just grab a shawl pin, and you’re good to go! This pattern is perfect for beginners looking to grow their skills, with a garter slip stitch texture worked throughout to create engaging bands of slipped stitches. Finished measurements: Width: 10½”, Length: 60”. Find this free men’s scarf knitting pattern here.

Free Scarf Knit Patterns for Men

Knit this men’s chunky accessory scarf, a design from the Rowan archive originally featured in Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 48. Designed by Martin Storey using our popular yarn Big Wool (wool,) this scarf has a chunky stitch detail and can be knitted as a long or short version. Free pattern is here.

Free Scarf Knit Patterns for Men traveller scarf

Men’s fun color block scarf, this scarf is super easy with garter stitch, it’s perfect for beginners. Finished measurements: Width: 11” Length: 68”. Free pattern in here.

ColorBloackScarf free knit pattern

See more free scarf knitting patterns for men.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns with Bulky Yarn

Knitting scarves in bulky yarn offers a unique and cozy experience. Bulky yarns, known for their thickness and warmth, transform the scarf-making process into a quicker, more tactile endeavor.

This simple garter-stitch scarf uses chunky yarn for a super cute and easy knit that is sure to keep you nice and warm. Finished measurements: Approximately 9″ wide x 62″ long (not including fringe). This pattern is here.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns with Bulky Yarn and garter stitch

Free big scarf knit pattern using big wool from Rowan. Get this free pattern here.

big wool scarf free pattern

Knit this cozy bulky yarn scarf in no time! A diagonal textured pattern keeps the knitting interesting as you churn out this fun, fast scarf. This free pattern in here.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns with Bulky Yarn

A super easy bulky garter stitch long scarf with pockets added as a finishing touch. Finished measurements: Size About 35 x 184 cm + fringe. This free beginner scarf knitting pattern is here.

free knitting pattern for a bulky garter scarf with pockets

Big is beautiful. Although Aino is one huge scarf, nearly 2,5 meters, it’s also a perfect beginner project, just to get to those knits and purls working. Four different stitch patterns alternate throughout the scarf. Finished measurement: Width 35 cm / 14 in, length 245 cm / 8 ft. This free pattern is here.

free knitting pattern for a chunky scarf

Want More Free Scarf Knitting Patterns?

If you still want to see more designs, please check out our extensive library with more than 400 free scarf knitting patterns!

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