Horseshoe Lace Knitting Stitch

Free Horseshoe Lace knitting stitch pattern. A gorgeous lace that originates from the Shetland Islands in the nineteenth century, when gossamer lace was in fashion.

Free Knitting Stitch for a Horsehoe Lace. Shetland lace knitting #knitting #freeknittingpattern #knittingstitch #freepattern

Free Horseshoe Lace Knitting Stitch pattern


k= knit
p= purl
yo = yarn over
sl = slip a stitch without working it from the left needle to the right one
psso = pass the slipped stitch over
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together


Cast on multiples of 10 plus 1

Row 1: k1, *yo, k3, sl1, k2tog, psso, k3, yo, k1*

Row 2 and all even rows: purl

Row 3: k1 *k1, yo, k2, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2, yo, k2

Row 5: k1 *k2, yo, k1, sl1, k2tog, psso, k1, yo, k3*

Row 7: k1 * k3, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso,, yo, k4*

8 rows make up lace pattern.

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