Become a Knitting Superstar Review

become-a-knitting-superstarA close look at Become a Knitting Superstar, by Liat Gat.

I LOVE this course! It’s great, especially if you are a new or amateur knitter. Having said that though, whether you are new to knitting or have been casting on for years, you are bound to pick up one or more neat tricks-of-the-trade in this eBook! I bought this about 2 years ago and it has really helped me excel in my knitting.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” – even if this sounds clichéd, it most definitely applies when it comes to knitting!

Become a Knitting Superstar excels where most other traditional knitting books fall short: instead of difficult-to-understand photos or drawings depicting various knitting techniques that often leave new knitters feeling confused and frustrated, Liat has produced high-quality, easy to follow videos for both beginner and advanced knitters alike. Yes, this course makes great use of all the modern Internet we have access to today.

She takes us from a knitter’s humble beginnings: casting on, followed by the knit and purl stitch, performed in both English and Continental styles; moves easily through more advanced techniques like mastering knitting in the round and magic loop; and finishes with fixing dropped stitches without ripping back. Her bonus chapters provide a wealth of knitting tips from techniques to make any project amazing to how to knit faster

Let’s Look at The Table of Contents for Knitting Superstar

Here is a list of what you will find inside!

Liat has packed a lot of info into 16 chapters. Also included is: Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Great to Mess Up; Top Ten Knitting Mistakes and How To Fix Them (good stuff), and MORE!

INSIDE – Becoming a Knitting Superstar

Introduction – Becoming a Knitting Superstar

Part I: Introduction to Patterns and Techniques

Ch. 1 Reading a Knitting Pattern

Ch. 2 Anatomy of a Knitting Pattern

Ch. 3 Video Knitting Dictionary (Cracking the Code)

Part II: Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop

Ch. 4 Knitting in the Round

Ch. 5 Introduction to Magic Loop

Ch. 6 Beginning Magic Loop

Ch. 7 Mastering Magic Loop

Part III: Toe-Up Socks

Ch. 8 Introduction to Toe-Up Socks, Two-at-a-Time

Ch. 9 Project – Toe-Up Socks, Two At A Time

Ch. 10 Advanced Toe-Up Socks

Part IV: Top-Down Socks

Ch. 11 Intro to Top-Down Socks, Two-at-a-Time

Ch. 12 Project – Top-Down socks, Two-at-a-Time

Ch. 13 Advanced Top-Down Socks

Part V: BONUS Chapters

Ch. 14 Ten Techniques That Make Any Project AMAZING

Ch. 15 Continental Knitting

As of this writing, the continental technique is something I really want to learn, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far. Liat makes it look so easy. However, for my personal style “FreeStyle Knitting” it doesn’t really fit, but I would still just like to nail this technique. I’m sure if I learned it, I would use it.

Ch. 16 Top Ten Lists
How To Knit Faster (Fix The Mistakes that Slow You Down)

Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Great to Mess Up

Top Ten Knitting Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Top Ten Books to Improve your Knitting Knowledge

Part VI – Help and Resources

Appendix (Patterns and Handouts)

Illustrations: (Magic Loop, Kitchener Stitch, Worsted-Weight Toe-Up Socks, Bulky-Weight Toe-Up Socks, Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off, Toe-Up Sock Patterns, Fingering-Weight Toe-Up Socks, Worsted-Weight Top-Down Socks, Two-Hour Toe-Up Baby Sock, Top-Down Sock Patterns, Fingering-Weight Top-Down Socks, Bulky-Weight Top-Down Socks)

In Conclusion

I found this course easy to use and extremely useful and have no doubt you will too!

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