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Aran Knitting:

The Aran sweater takes its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. A traditional Aran Sweater usually is off-white in color similar to a sheep’s wool and is made from 100% wool.

The jumpers are distinguished by their use of complex textured stitch patterns, several of which are combined in the creation of a single garment. One of the most recognisable features of a tradition Aran is its cable patterns on the chest.

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Some stitch patterns have a traditional interpretation, often of religious significance. The honeycomb is a symbol of the hard-working bee, that represent the rewards of a good life. The cable, an integral part of the Aran islander’s daily life, is said to be a wish for safety and good luck when fishing and also in a more literal sense it represent fishing ropes. The diamond is a wish of success, wealth and treasure and also the shape of the fishing net mesh. The basket stitch represents the basket, a hope for a plentiful catch. The moss stitch represent the rich and abundant growth of the mossy soil. Trinity stitches represent ancient and religious beliefs. Blackberry stitches have religious and natural connotations.

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