4 free knitting patterns tagged Grocery bag

Not A Sandy Bottom

This makes a great beach bag, since the sand will fall out of it.  Sand in the bottom of my bags is a problem here.  🙂  With a few modifications, you can make this bag into a yoga mat bag, a water bottle bag, or …

Mesh Market Bag

This knitted mesh market bag is great for the beach or running around town. You can add up to two pockets to the straps for a cell phone or other accessories. There are two different pocket styles – choose one or both! The bottom is …

Sunshine String Bag

From Attention Deficit Knitting Disorder comes this quick knit functional bag that you can take grocery shopping! Find the free bag knit pattern here: link

Knitted Grocery Bag

From the I live on a Farm blog comes this extremely versatile and functional knitted grocery bag pattern. Find the free knitted grocery bag pattern here: link