Free Knitting Toy Patterns Online

Welcome to the ultimate resource for the very best free knitting toy patterns online!

Free knitting toy patterns online

Free knitting toy patterns online

Here we showcase the best toy patterns available online, all for free.

Doll Knitting Patterns Download

A little doll, a girl’s best friend. Knit topsy turvy dolls, mini dolls for dollhouses, rag dolls and more! For more doll patterns go here: doll knitting patterns download

Maggie Beans & Friends
Inspired by the thriftiness & creativity of rag dolls, this doll incorporates the same principle of using up all of the leftovers.

Ragdoll by Debbie Bliss
Approximately 26cm tall, a ragdoll every little girl would love.

Tiny Topsy the tooth fairy
She’s just the right size for a doll house and little girls will love her so I hope you’ll be tempted to give her a go.

Sally, the Eco fairy
Made from undyed, organic Ecoknit cotton, she is hard-wearing, washable, and totally non-toxic.

Costa Brava Rag Dolls
They’re knit in the round, starting with the legs, which are joined with a knitted gusset to create the basis for a body, which is then knit up to the head. They’re a great way to use up scraps of 4 ply wool left over from other projects.
Free Knitting Toy Patterns Online

Gnora the Gnome
Gnora is the perfect female gnome and can be knitted as a huggable friend for all ages.

Free Toy Knitting Pattern Downloads of Lovable Characters

Knit toys of characters that children love like Adventure Time Finn and Jake Dolls, Minion Doll Knits

Adventure Time Finn and Jake Dolls
It’s Adventure Time! time to have fun with a knitted Jake and Finn duo.

Your Own Personal Minion
Knit up your own Minion to help you in your plans for world domination.

Hello Kitty Knitted Plush Toy

Pac-Man Play Set Free Knitting Pattern
One of the most iconic arcade retro games PAC-MAN! now you can knit up pac and his ghosts for endless fun.
pac man knitting pattern

Creeper Gonna Creep
Make your very own knitted Minecraft creeper doll!
creeper free knitting pattern

Dalek from Doctor Who Knitting Pattern.

TARDIS stuffed plush
Make you very own Tardis to time travel in!

Knitted Underwater Heroes
Patterns from the book Lilli and Fin, a Lampfish, mer people and a giant octopus.

Free Knitting Toy Patterns Online: Animal Knitting Patterns

Teddy Bears
Knitted teddy bears are a classic item/toy that is a must have. A hand knitted teddy can be loved and cherished and handed down as a family heirloom through the generations.

Teddy Bear by Debbie Bliss
Each piece of this bear is knit separately and flat. Finishing involves seaming each piece and connecting the head and limbs to the body.

Three bears
Once upon a time there was a bear family! Knit Daddy bear, Mummy bear and Baby bear designed by Martin Storey, a design from the Rowan archive originally featured in Classic Babies, this free pattern is now available to download.

Magic Loop Teddy
Designed to be knit in the round with magic loop, this 9 – 10″ teddy is cast on at the top of his head and shaped throughout with strategically placed increases and decreases.

Flopsy Bear
Flopsy bear is a soft toy with floppy limbs and an articulated head.
Free Knitting Toy Patterns Online

Noro Bear
Knit in popular Noro Kureyon yarn, the Noro Bear is a colorful and cute stuffed toy for your favorite child.

Harry Bear
A cute and classic teddy bear to knit!

Mister Bean, the Teddy
Knit up Mr. Bean’s teddy; so cute and so much fun.

Ruby Bear
Ruby Bear is the perfect size for snuggling – she measures approximately 16” from top of head to bottom of foot.

Cat Knitting Patterns

Meow, knit up some cute little kitty cats!

Knitted Kitty
A very cute small garter stitch kitty to knit!

Knitted Kitty Cat
Another adorable kitty free knitting pattern.
Free Knitting Toy Patterns Online

Cat Knitting Pattern and Tutorial
Knit in the round using magic loop.
free cat toy knitting pattern

Jiji the Cat
Jiji the cat is worked in the round for his body and tail, with his ears knitted on straight needles.
free cat toy knitting pattern

Elephant Knitting Patterns

The strong and humble elephant, so much fun to knit with the following free online knitting patterns.

A very cute little elephant to knit for yourself or as a gift!
free elephant toy knitting pattern

Flower Power Elephants
The elephant toys are knitted in round on double pointed needles. They knit up quickly and is a great way to use up small amounts of yarn.

Elephant to Knit
Elephant measures 9 1⁄2in (24cm) in height.
elephant toy knitting pattern free

More Animals Free Knitting Toy Patterns Online

Dr. Quackers
Dr. Quackers is a cuddly, striped duck.

Free Knitting Toy Patterns Online: Dinosaur Knitting Patterns

Roar!!! knit up these awesome dinosaurs for the dino lovers in your life!
Patons Stegosaurus Toy
This mighty stegosaurus is great for keeping little ones cozy at night.

Free Dinosaur Toy Knitting Pattern
A friendly T. Rex stuffed animal makes the perfect toy for the little ones in your life.
Patons T Rex Toy
This squishy T-Rex is both menacing and lovable. Raaar!

Dinosaur Jr.
The cuddliest dinosaur who never lived.

This list is just the beginning of our free knitted toy pattern collection, there are more than 400 patterns to browse here: Free Toy Knitting Patterns

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