Gordana Gelhausen Lace Knitwear

Gordana Gelhausen from Project Runway Series 6 turns out to be a knitting genius creating beautiful knitted fashion featured in Vogue Knitting.

What inspired you to start knitting and crocheting?
When I was 7 years old, I was fascinated by what my aunt was doing with a crochet hook. I was too shy to ask for lessons, so I found a hook and some yarn and started playing with it. When I had finished my first project, a sweater, my mom was amazed. “Who taught you?” she asked. “Nobody,” I said: I just watched and then did. After that, the other kids would be outside playing, but I was always busy finding more yarn so I could crochet or knit. I truly believe that we all have our strengths; for me, understanding how to work with thread and yarn and hook and needles came naturally. In a past life, I probably was the seamstress for a queen. [Laughs]

When do you knit?
I knit when I need to take a break, especially when I am working in my shop. When my mind is blocked, I knit, because to me, knitting is therapy. I also knit when I’m hanging out with my family, watching television, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting time. I love knitting so much because it can give you back so many things. And hey—knitting is good for dieting! People ask me how I stay fit and I say, “I knit.” I love everything about knitting, in case you haven’t noticed by now.

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cheryl besche
July 17th, 2012

are there any patterns available by Gordana Gehlhausen for her dresses

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