Directory of Free Knitting Patterns

Directory of Free Knitting Patterns. The most detailed free knitting pattern list on the internet! A comprehensive index of all the knitting patterns on this site to help you navigate and find just the right knitting pattern you are looking for!

Directory of Free Knitting Patterns


Blankets are some of the most joyful items to knit, they make a great gift for babies and adults a like, they are fun to knit and keep you warm whether you are in your bed or snuggled up in front of the TV on your sofa.

Search Free Blanket Knitting Patterns by Styles:

Click below to find free knitting patterns for these popular style of blanket/afghan to make for your home.

Search Free Afhan/Throw/Blanket Knitting Pattern by Stitch:

Looking for a particular style of knitting stitch to knit your blanket in? We have made your search much easier with the categories below.

Featured Blanket Pattern Collections:

Amigurumi and Toys Free Knitting Patterns

All Free Knitted Toy Patterns by Style:

Free Knitted Toy Patterns for Food and Sweets That Kids will Love to Play With

Free Knitted Toy Patterns for the Holidays


Toy Knitting Pattern Roundups

More than 20 Free Toy Dog Knitting Patterns to Download Now


Baby and Kids Items

Free Printable Knitting Patterns for Baby Blankets

Knitted Squares Baby Blanket Patterns
8 Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern for Beginners Free

Featured Baby Knitting Pattern Collections

More amazing baby knitting patterns!

12 Free Baby Knitting Patterns for 2019
Baby Booties Free Knitting Patterns for 0-3 months
Free knitting pattern for baby sweaters
Free Knitting Pattern Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan Downloadable NOW

Bags, Totes and Purses

Choose bag free knitting patterns by style:

Bag Knitting Pattern Roundups

Knitted Bag Patterns for Beginners

Bookmarks Knit Patterns

Cardigans and Jackets

Cardigan Free Knitting Patterns by Styles:

Cardigans by Technique:

Featured Cardigan Knitting Pattern Collections:

Children’s Knitting Patterns

Featured Collections for Children’s Knitting Patterns

14+ Free Knitting Patterns for Girls Ages 3 to 12
Easy Children's Knitting Patterns Free
Free Knitting Patterns for Toddlers Cardigans
20 + Free Knitting Patterns for Boys Sweaters
20+ Free Children's Knitting Patterns to Download
10 Free knitting patterns for 3 year olds


Featured Christmas Collections:

Christmas puddings Knit Pattern

Knitting Patterns Christmas Puddings
14 free patterns for knitted Christmas puddings!



Browse below for plenty of free knitting cowl patterns, you can also click the links below to choose different knit cowl pattern styles:

Free cowl knitting patterns that are part of a set:



Browse Dishcloth by Style:

Free Dishcloth Patterns for the Holidays:



Dress Knitting Patterns

70 Plus Free Knitting Patterns for Women's Dresses. Free knitting pattern for dresses.
30 Free Knit Baby Dresses free patterns


Featured Easter Knitting Pattern Collections:

Free Knitting Patterns for Easter 2019
Pattern for Knitted Easter Chick Containing Creme Egg

Edgings and Insertions

Knitting Pattern

free knitting patterns for flowers


Free Knitting Stitches


50+ Free knitting patterns for Halloween
Over 30 Free Halloween Knitting Patterns
Over 30 Free Halloween Knitting Patterns


Search Hats by Categories:

Hat Knitting Patterns that Come in Sets:

Free Hat Knitting Pattern Roundups:

ree Slouchy Hat Knitting Patterns to Download Now
12+ Easy Knitted Beanie Pattern
Free Bulky Yarn Hat Patterns to Knit
free easy hat knit patterns

Headband Knitting Patterns

Free headband Knitting patterns

Heart Knitting Pattern

Knit your heart out with these amazing free patterns!

Check out more heart themed knitting patterns that are all free!

Heart Knitting Patterns Free
Knit heart softies and pillows.
Raised heart knitting patterns and lace heart knitting patterns!


Over 10+ free knitting patterns for jewelry, including knit bangles, necklaces and earrings.

Mittens and Gloves



Search Free Pillow Knitting Patterns by Category:


Potholders and Hot Pads

Scarf Knitting Patterns

Scarf Knitting Patterns by Stitch Pattern:



Scarf Knitting Pattern Collections

Free Lace Knitting Patterns for Scarves

Shawls and Stoles

Search Free Shawl Knitting Patterns by Stitch and Style:

Shawl Knitting Pattern Roundups

10 Easy and Free Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern


Skirt Knitting Patterns

Knit Mini Skirt Patterns Free download
Free Pencil Skirt Knitting Patterns


Over 50+ Free Knitting Patterns for Slippers


More Sock Knitting Patterns

Free Quick Knit Sock Pattern

Sweaters and Pullovers

Sweater Knitting Pattern Collections

25 + Free and Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns for Women

Tanks, Tees and Sleeveless Tops

Teddy Bears


Women’s Tunics

14 + Free Tunic Knitting Patterns to Download Now


30 + Free V Neck Vest Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns for Men

Men’s Cardigan Knitting Pattern
Men’s Hats Free Knitting Patterns
Free Men’s Vest Knitting Patterns

More Free Knitting Pattern Collections

15+ Free Knitting Patterns for Cotton Yarn
The Best 10 Free Patons Knitting Patterns for Women
Free Summer Knitting Patterns 2019
Free Easy Summer Knitting Patterns
Free Lace Knitting Patterns for Beginners.
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