Free Knitting Pattern for Socks

Free knitting pattern for socks for 2020. Stunning socks from ankle socks, cabled socks, easy sock knitting patterns, lace sock knitting patterns and more.

Free knitting patterns for socks 2020

Ankle Socks Knitting Patterns

These ankle socks are knitted from Novita Louhetar sock yarn, with cotton as well as wool in it. Perfect for soft summer socks. The socks also feature a provisional cast on, giving them a distinct edge.

Free knitting pattern for easy ankle socks
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Free knit pattern for ankle socks. Very easy sock knitting pattern.

Free knit pattern for ankle socks
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Cute ankle socks to knit with stripes.

Free ankle dock knitting patterns
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Novita Venla is a fingering-weight yarn. Its thinness makes it a perfect yarn for socks you want to wear in a pair of street shoes or sneakers. When the weather gets cold, trust these socks for your next trail run.

Free knitting pattern for runners socks
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Super pretty and feminine ankle socks knit pattern.

free knitting pattern for textured ankle socks
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Easy striped sock knitting pattern. Spring is just around the corner! Try out our new spring/summer colours with these lovely socks from single-colour and striped yarns together. Keväthali literally translates into Spring Hug, in case you wondered.

Easy and free sock knitting pattern
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Say goodbye to cold toes with these fluffy and super soft slipper socks. They’re just right for wearing around the house.

Free knitting pattern for textured ankle socks pretty
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Textured Sock Knitting Patterns

Bashful socks – These socks are knit from the cuff down to the toe. The heel is shaped using the heel flap method and the toe is grafted together with Kitchener stitch. Instructions are written for double pointed needles, however Magic Loop technique can be used if preferred. if using Magic Loop, place a marker for each needle change when setting up gusset.

Free knitting pattern for socks 2020
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Contrasting colours really make the 2 colour honeycomb stitch pattern in these socks pop! The colour work stranding around the foot also adds warmth and durability.

Free knitting pattern for colorwork socks 2020
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Lace Sock Knitting Patterns

Knitting these socks requires good knitting skills and full concentration, at least until the diamond is mastered.
After that, you’ll knit the rib pattern all the way down to your toes in a breeze.

Free knit pattern for lace diamond socks
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Free knitting pattern for sock with eyelets.

Free knitting pattern for sock with eyelets
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Ribbed and lace leaf sock knitting pattern.

Ribbed and lace leaf sock knitting pattern
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Cabled Sock Knitting Patterns

We worked the pattern on the instep as well as on the leg. If you are sensitive to pressure, leave all cables out when knitting the instep but keep knitting those stripes in moss stitch.

Free knit pattern for cabled moss stitch socks
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Socks with a cable pattern. ifferent cable stitches are combined on the leg and instep; the wide central cable column is continued up to the barn toe. The Italian cast-on is not only beautiful, but very elastic. You should try it!

Free knitting pattern for socks with cables
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Socks with Horizontal Rib Stitch. Socks for those, who think horizontally in a vertically oriented world: horizontally worked ribs, vertical cable columns and – for an extra twist – a rolled cuff.

Socks with Horizontal Rib Stitch free knit pattern
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These socks are part of a capsule wardrobe designed by Sari Nordlund, comprising nine designs perfectly compatible with each other. Socks have a French heel.

Free knitting pattern for cabled socks
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Norwegian Sock Knitting Pattern

Spring is just a few weeks away – it’s time to cast on (toe up) for these lovely socks with their delicate pattern of pansies.

Free knitting pattern for socks with pansies
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Knitted from fingering-weight Novita Venla, the Tähtisumu (Stardust) socks feature an amazing, detailed star pattern that makes for an exciting project for the experienced sock-knitter.

Free knitting pattern for norweigian socks
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