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Knitting Bee’s Lace Stitches Dictionary. An all free resource for lace stitches with many original lace stitch design by Knitting Bee!

Lace Stitches Dictionary by Knitting Bee

Free Lace Knitting Stitches

The lace stitches dictionary below features a list of our best free lace knitting stitches starting with our most popular stitches! Click on the title of the desired stitch to get the free lace stitch pattern in written format.

St. John’s Wort Knitting Stitch Pattern
A traditional lace knitting stitch that is easy and fun to knit up, perfect for shawls and other lacy items! Set over a four row repeat.
Lace Stitches Dictionary St. John's Wort Knitting Stitch Pattern

Branch Lace Knitting Stitch Pattern
Simple lace stitch knitting pattern worked over a four row repeat.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Branch Lace Knitting Stitch Pattern

Horseshoe Lace Knitting Stitch
A gorgeous lace that originates from the Shetland Islands in the nineteenth century, when gossamer lace was in fashion.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Horseshoe Lace

Four Leaf Lace Panel
Lace knitting panel featuring a grouping of four leaves.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Four Leaf Panel

Braided Lace Stitch Pattern
Delicate lace in a braided pattern.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Braided Lace Stitch Pattern

Free Lace Ripple Stitch Knitting Pattern
An easy to follow, popular ripple stitch to knit that is very delicate and pretty!
Free Lace Ripple Stitch Knitting Pattern

Trailing Leaves Knitting Stitch Pattern
Pretty and very popular lace stitch pattern made up of leaves that trail into one another.
Trailing Leaves Knitting Stitch Pattern

Knitted Leaf in Reverse Stockinette
Lace leaf stitch on a reverse stockinette base.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Knitted Leaf in Reverse Stockinette

Mock Zig Zag Cable Knitting Stitch
Mock cable stitch, the illusion of cables without the bumps.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Mock Zig Zag Cable Knitting Stitch

Lace Vertical Zig Zag with Bobbles
A fun lace and bobble knitting stitch within a wide rib. Lace eyelet panels placed vertically and adorned with pretty sets of bobbles.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Lace Vertical Zig Zag with Bobbles

Simple Chevron Lace
Simple and easy chevron lace knitting stitch.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Simple Chevron Lace

Lace Heart Motif Knitting Pattern
Little knitted lace heart you could include into scarves, sweaters, blankets and any knitting project of your choosing.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Heart Panel

Leaves of Lace
Gorgeous lacy leaves knit stitch pattern.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Leaves of Lace

Snowdrop Lace
A classic stitch that is a must have for a lace stitches dictionary.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Snowdrop Lace

Ribbed Lace Knitting Stitch
A delicate and ornate twist on the common knitted rib, by adding eyelets on either side, something much more interesting is created while still maintaining that elasticity that’s needed when using ribbed stitches.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Ribbed Lace

Chevron Rib Lace
The eyelet filled chevron is also a rib making it very elastic. Easy lace stitch set over a four row repeat.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Chevron Rib Lace

Vertical Waves
Create ocean like waves extending upwards in vertical panels with eyelets in between. This is a great beginner lace pattern as it utilizes basic stitches, knit, purl, yarn over and knit two together.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Vertical Waves

Heart Vine Lace Panel Stitch
A heart vine panel set against a backdrop of reverse stockinette stitch.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Heart Vine Lace Panel Stitch

Eyelet Pyramid Knit Stitch
Lace panel with a pyramid shape.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Eyelet Pyramid Knit Stitch

Diamond Lace Free Knitting Stitch
Fun to create and free knitting stitch featuring small diamond shapes.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Diamond Lace Free Knitting Stitch

Triangular Columns
A simple lace knitting stitch with a pattern that looks like triangular stacked columns.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Triangular Columns

Lace Chevron Knitting Stitch
Chevron pattern lace knitting stitch!
Lace Stitches Dictionary Lace Chevron Knitting Stitch

Diamond Trees Lace
Diamond shaped trees free lace knitting stitch.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Diamond Trees Lace

Oval Lace
Free lace knitting stitch featuring oval shapes stacked on top of each other in a honeycomb style.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Oval Lace

Flower Lace
A feminine lace stitch to knit that is very simple to create using easy decreases of k2tog (right slanting decrease) and ssk (left slanting decrease).
Lace Stitches Dictionary Flower Lace

Oblique Openwork Rib Stitch
Free oblique openwork rib stitch knitting pattern.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Oblique Openwork Rib Stitch

Stockinette and Garter Diamonds
Lace knitting stitch featuring diamond shapes. The best feature of this free knitting stitch is that the diamond is divided into two with the bottom half in stockinette stitch and the top half in garter stitch.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Stockinette and Garter Diamonds

Ribbed Diagonal Lace
Stretchy lace and rib knitting stitch that is reversible!
Lace Stitches Dictionary Ribbed Diagonal Lace

Diagonal Lace Stripe
A rib stitch pattern with diagonal strands of openwork.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Diagonal Lace Stripe

Lacy Arch
A lace stitch pattern with super-imposed arches.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Lacy Arch

Diamond Flower
Free lace knitting stitch pattern with a diamond shape with a pattern that looks a bit like a flower.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Diamond Flower

Diagonal Eyelet Mesh Stitch
Stretch mesh knitting stitch, this stitch has a stocking like effect, it is very versatile for garments that need give.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Diagonal Eyelet Mesh Stitch

Eyelet Rib
A eyelet/lace rib set over 4 easy rows.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Eyelet Rib

Vaulted Arched
Lace knitting stitch with rows of vaulted arches.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Vaulted Arched

Zig Zag Eyelet
A horizontal lace chevron knit stitch.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Zig Zag Eyelet

Dewdrop Lace Stitch
A lace knitting stitch with the shape of a dewdrop!
Lace Stitches Dictionary Dewdrop Lace Stitch

Gnome Hat
Cute knit stitch in the shape of gnome hats!
Lace Stitches Dictionary Gnome Hat

Lace Heart Shaped Panel
Intricate lace panel with a heart motif.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Lace Heart Shaped Panel

Lace and Cable
A stitch that combines lace and cable.
Lace Stitches Dictionary Lace and Cable

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