195 free Knitting Stitch Library knitting patterns

The amount of ways you can combine knit, purls, yo’s and other knitting stitches is infinite, it is what I love about knitting, creating a fabric/textile with two needles, a string and your own hands – it’s such a rewarding experience.

In my Knitting Stitch Library you will find stitch patterns for cables, eyelets, lace and more. I am constantly adding more stitches so be sure to come back to keep finding more/new inspiration for your knitting!

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Drop Stitch

Dewdrop Lace Stitch – Free Knitting Stitch

Dewdrop Lace Stitch – Free Knitting Stitch. A lace knitting stitch with the shape of a dewdrop! A look at the back of the work. Abbreviations: k= knit p= purl yo = yarn over p3tog = purl 3 stitches together Note: Please refer to “lace …

Twin Leaf Lace Knitting Stitch

Twin Leaf Lace Knitting Stitch. A leafy lace knitting stitch with a 6 row repeat, creates a pretty twin leaf pattern. Another great classic lace knitting stitch 2017. Yarn used is Manos del Uruguay Fino, Color Delft. Creates a nice variegated blue, this yarn is …

50 Free Lace Leaf Knitting Stitches

50 Free Lace Leaf Knitting Stitches: if you want to know how to knit a leaf shape, if you want leaf lace knitting patterns, small knitted leaves or even a raised leaf knitting pattern, then you have come to the right place! Below are 50 …